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Peace Love Mahjong

Desert Dreams Tiles

Desert Dreams Tiles

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Keep calm and take a trip to the desert. Our 'Desert Dreams' tiles enhance every game with rich, earthy tones offset by light blue tiles.  

The goal of Peace Love Mahjong is to bring people together.  The back of our tiles sport 4 connecting circles representing the connection mahjong brings to the 4 players at the table.  Our tiles are thoughtfully designed with a modern twist, incorporating clean lines and minimalist elements.

Tile Size: 

  • 1" x 1- 7/16" x 7/16"

Set Includes:

  • Tile Guide
  • 160 Acrylic Tiles
    • Dots + White Dragons: 40
    • Bams + Green Dragons: 40
    • Cracks + Red Dragons: 40
    • Winds: 16
    • Flowers: 8
    • Jokers: 10 - This set has  2 more jokers than a traditional mahjong set, but we like to use all 10!
    • Blanks: 6 - Blanks have been used as replacement tiles in the past,  but we think it's fun to play with them.  If you choose to, blanks can be swapped for discarded tiles during the game.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Lovely Mahj supplies and company!!

I think so highly of Peace Love Mahjong. I initially ordered racks. One of the magnets was missing. I contacted the PLM team and they sent me one to glue in. They are the kindest people. I ordered tiles and a mat after this. The tiles are so nice. They’re all the better considering the ratio of price to design/ quality. In the world of mahjong these are a good deal. I’m loving my PLM stuff!!

Grace Barringer

Desert Dreams Tiles

Keith G
Mothers Day Gift

Mahjong is so hot right now in our community. This set was priced perfectly! The designs are unique and regal. Customer service was top notch!

Kathy Sigrist
Beautiful Mahjong Set!

I just purchased a beautiful bundle from Peace Love Mahjong. My daughter and I called on a Saturday late afternoon and an hour later we were picking up the set and spent the rest of our weekend playing! The items in the bundle (tiles, racks, mat, etc) are high quality! Not to mention beautiful to look at! I am very happy with my purchase and we will be sharing the Peace Love Mahjong line with our friends.

Dianne Burnett
Another 5 Star Purchase

They have done it again! My bundle set is beautiful and was quick to ship. I know there are many mahjong shops to choose from but the service is what keeps bringing me back to Peace, Love, Mahjong.